• Emily
  • Dec 1, 2013

We get so hung up on milestones.

Enter school. Graduate. First award, first friend, first party, (sometimes) first kiss.

Get a job. A career.

Get married.

Have children.

All the while, profess God’s goodness because… you’ve met that milestone?

Our life isn’t to complete milestones. It’s to live Christ.

In my life, I suddenly don’t know if I’m going to meet some of those common milestones. Those were my plan. But we need to understand that our man-constructed steps in life are’t anywhere in the Bible. There’s no Scripture that says we’ll go through those steps above.

We’re called to live. We’re called to accept His grace and follow His plan. And sometimes (if not oftentimes), that requires surrendering our presuppositions of what is expected for our life. Stepping without sight to the next God-planned milestone.

That kind of life? That is the fullest, most God-glorifying, impacting life.

Reflecting on that, read this post on waiting for “the one”. This message is one that throughout my life and even more recently has been something I long to see taught to our growing young women.

You don’t need a man and God might not bring one. And that’s okay. Because He is enough and His plan – whether married or not – is by far the best.

I Don’t Wait Anymore from “Grace For the Road”


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