Purpose + Beliefs

The Biblical premises from which this blog is written

The majority of humanity claims to know and believe in God.

A large majority of those people claim to saved by Him.

However, God has clearly defined who He is, and He is not who the vast majority of those people perceive Him to be.

Brokenness, anxiety, depression, unrest, burdens, distress – God promises comfort and answers to all of these, yet many still carry these weights of life. I believe the reason is that people are worshiping a false god, or an incorrect understanding of God. When we have encountered the one, true, holy, wholly sufficient God, even in the midst of trial and tragedy, we experience a foundational presence of love and fulfillment like none other.

The core mission of everything published on this blog is simply this: to glorify God for who He is, not who we perceive Him to be.

God is an independent, self-defining Person who demands our worship by His very existence as God. If God is not truly God, He is not worthy of our worship. However, if He is God, as He has shown Himself to be, He is worthy of our very lives. And God promises that, when we worship Him (as He created us to do), we are given everything in Himself and made perfectly righteous through His Son. Here, I and the contributors hope to be used to open eyes to the true nature of God’s being and encourage believers to dive deeper into knowing this Person who has saved them to Himself.


There is only one God.

God exists in a Trinity, three Persons in One: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each is distinct, and definitively one in nature.

Jesus Christ was born as the promised Messiah, fully God and fully man, lived a sinless life, died, was raised to life three days later.

His death paid the full atonement for our sin. No good work we do aids in our salvation.

His resurrection conquered death and gives us eternal life, uniting us to Himself as children of God.

It is only through resting in Jesus that we are saved from our sinful nature to unification with Christ.

Good works are not necessary for salvation; however, walking forward in holiness is a necessary evidence of salvation.

God is fully sovereign over our salvation and the world. Nothing happens outside His will; however, God does not will us to sin – this is of our own doing, warranting the need for His grace.

God has revealed who He is and His plan for humanity through the 66 books of the Bible, Genesis through Revelation. The Bible is the very word of God, wholly divine and infallible, written by appointed men. The word of God is complete as it is. Any additional revelations will either restate the Bible or be heretical.

I personally hold to the five Solas, the five points of Calvinism, and reformed theology. Contributors may not, but the content of their writing coincides with these concepts.

Everything written for this blog will be supported by scripture, centered on the gospel, and glorifying to God.


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