The Blessing of Unwelcome Change

  • Emily
  • Jun 27, 2016

Life’s a bit confusing. There’s imperfections and nuances and ambiguity. We often find ourselves unsatisfied and frustrated and disappointed. After a while, it seems safest to simply accept that as our lot in life.

Why is life this way? Sin. It’s the result of being broken, selfish creatures living in a creation tainted with sin and death. Nothing is certain except – praise God – the eternal, unchanging nature of Himself.

When we’re resting on the Rock of Ages, even the uncertain changes of life can be enjoyed as full blessings, redeemed from their otherwise imperfect state by the Redeemer.
The imperfections, nuances, and ambiguity are meant to point us to the only One who can satisfy, quiet our souls, and give happiness. They’re blessings because, if we see them for what they are, their nature prevents us from worshiping the gift so we’re free to worship the Giver.

Yes – they are blessings. Our Father only wants us to seek and have the very best… Himself.

Because what good is it if we’re looking for hope and life in that which can never give it?

Today, I’m thankful for the breeze and the sun, for long walks on beautiful trails with my dog, for the opportunity to create, for the provision of employment, for the green leaves, for the privilege of time with friends, for discipline and conviction, for growth bringing me closer to Christ and making me more like Him. I’m thankful for gifts that point me to the ultimate Gift.
Rest in the uncertainty because God is unchanging. Rejoice in the gifts because there is a glorious Giver.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” [James 1:17]


Twenty-something-year-old vagabond making my way home. I write from the midwest on the coast of Lake Michigan about life lessons, my failures, and what God reveals to me through His word and the wise people He’s placed in my life.

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