Me with my best friend, Curry!

Hello! I’m a twenty-something-year-old vagabond making my way home. I write from the midwest on the coast of Lake Michigan about life lessons, my failures, and what God reveals to me through His word and the wise people He’s placed in my life.

You might notice a common theme in my posts – a lot of it has to do with forms of legalism and understanding the depths of God’s grace and wrath. I can’t help but write from my heart, and all my life I’ve wrestled with self-imposed legalism resulting from a misunderstanding of who God actually is. I would swing from operating under the joyless obligation of law to taking freedom in Christ too far in my heart, then right back again, and sit there for long, dark periods. My hope is that, in sharing these lessons I’m learning, you may grow to adore the completeness of the God we serve and find a fuller joy in the day-to-day.

There are three themes that I will consistently cover here:

The Complete Sufficiency of God

God is enough.

This is a simple sentence that I’ve struggled to comprehend my entire life. How is God enough when you’re in the midst of the worst pain of your life, be it spiritual or physical? How is God enough when the world just seems to be tearing itself to pieces and truth seems to make no impact? How is God enough when all your belief and seeking after His fullness seems to produce no contentment or peace?

The sufficiency of God is a multi-faceted truth that permeates our souls in ways that we can never comprehend all at once. Here, I hope to put to writing hope and encouragement that redirects our eyes to His completeness.

Infallible Truth

It’s a topic we all like to avoid. Humanity, myself included, just doesn’t want to acknowledge that our perceptions might be wrong. But at some point, we must face the holy, eternal God of the universe who is all truth, in Himself. We cannot argue with the unchanging Ruler of time and space who put the laws into motion. I hope to record here the deeper truths of Scripture and what they mean for our lives. I also want to be transparent about where I’ve been wrong.

Gospel Encouragement

God made man. Man sinned, separating himself from God. God sent Jesus to remove that separation and bring us to Himself for His glory. Now we, the redeemed, respond with praise. That’s the simple gospel. But the impact of this story of the world in our day-to-day is incredible and infinite. Everything I write will have a gospel-centered focus, but I also hope to highlight the gospel as a central topic as it is something we need to be reminded of daily.

A little more about me…

I live with my dog, Curry, working full-time with a large company in hospitality. I have a passion for theology, psychology, and philosophy. I’m an ENFJ. Oh, and I’m a coffee connoisseur… Okay, a coffee snob. I love my roasts freshly grounded and poured over or cold pressed. I also play, sing, and write my own music. Maybe at some point I’ll share it. I’m a bundle of insecurities resting and growing in a secure Savior.

Sola Sciptura.
Sola Fide.
Sola Gratia.
Solo Christo.
Soli Deo Gloria.


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