Image Restoration Podcast | S1E2

  • Emily
  • Dec 11, 2019

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Image Restoration Podcast! Join me on my crazy rambles answering questions/thoughts from last week and introducing the topic of Imago Dei. Check out the show notes below!


  • To extend on Elijah’s thought: different wills do make for different beings. This also ties back to Jesus having the same will as the Father, because He was one with Him. Great insight, Elijah, I agree with this. Goes back to the echtypal knowledge I mention in the last episode.
  • “Son of Man”  is worth researching. Link below to the Bible Project’s “Son of Man” series. Jesus referred to Himself as this title more than any other, even almost dismissing people when they referred to Him as God or Son of God by calling Himself “Son of Man” in response. It is taken from Daniel 7 as a prophetic name of exaltation, pointing to Him as King and Messiah to deliver God’s people from oppressors.
  • I did not do justice to the topic of the hypostatic union and the concept of Jesus being perfected. I will dedicate an episode to this in the future; I do think it is good to examine the perfect Son of Man who was Son of God, since we are made in God’s image, and it’s worth examining to show how we are not God and how we cannot fulfill that perfect Image calling.
  • In talking about the two genders that God creates – I mention that stating He made male and female continues the theme of completion, that He finished His work. I think it is also worth noting that, in this completion act, He did not make other genders. Basically, He didn’t forget anyone. It is important to recognize that the tragic experiences of gender dysphoria today are post-fall, meaning it is something in need of restoration.
  • The notion of Jesus’s suffering is key to human suffering, particularly the suffering endured by believers. My book on suffering will hinge on this fact, and hopefully I will cover it in a future episode, too!
  • Jesus chose to endure human life and suffering to know it in the same manner we do: experientially.


Main article referenced for Imago Dei:

Jesus made perfect: (short one) (longer, more in-depth one)

Son of Man:


  • Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:9-10, 5:8-9
  • Genesis 1:26-31
  • Genesis 2:7
  • Genesis 6:17
  • Job 38-41
  • Psalm 8:5


  • Imago Dei
  • Hypostatic Union
  • Son of Man
  • Son of God


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