Am I the Center of God’s Universe?

I’m blessed to have wise friends that are also writers. I met Chris earlier this year and have been humbled by his story, current growth, and continued glorification of God, especially in his writing. Take a look at this excerpt from his recent post on what our view of life and self in relation to God should be. You can finish reading his article here.

“Moralistic therapeutic deism” was a term coined by sociologists to describe the religious beliefs of the average American youth. To break it down simply: moralistic – do good, therapeutic – feel good, deism – God is somehow involved. It teaches that central to living a good and happy life is being a good, moral person.

MTD is pseudo-Christianity and is one of the greatest threats I find for those who attend church every Sunday. The reason being is that on the surface MTD acts and feels similar to Biblical Christianity but in reality has an entirely different core and foundation.

MTD values human beings as being moral and psychologically happy.

But the Bible values God.

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October 29, 2016